I’m Treasa Edmond, a Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, Editor, and Communication Consultant. 
Words, and the power they hold to communicate someone’s message and heart, are my passion.

As a child, books were my escape from the world. When I read a book I was able to become the character, living a life and experiencing adventures, trials, and victories that I never could have imagined otherwise.

I had devoured all of Shakespeare and immersed myself into every Sherlock Holmes story by the time I was 10. From a very early age, I learned that words, especially written words, have power.

Today, I am privileged to work with words every day, both crafting and refining.

  • Writing: I produce captivating, effective content for blog posts, social media, direct mail, magazines, annual reports, and customer communications.
  • Ghostwriting: I take your message and your passion, and create a polished, ready to publish work utilizing your voice.
  • Editing: I focus on providing excellent editorial services to academic, business, and missionary clients.
  • Writing Coach: Not sure where to start? I guide you through the process from beginning to end. I help you refine your topic, learn to research efficiently and effectively, outline your work, and then I encourage and guide you through the writing process.
  • Communication Consultant: I work with you and your team to solidify and define your organization’s voice. We work together to develop solid guidelines for writing and publishing client communications, blog posts, social media posts, emails, and marketing pieces.

With over 20 years of editing and writing experience, I strive to finish your job correctly and in a timely fashion, every time. Your satisfaction is my goal. I look forward to doing business with you!

I Value

Integrity. Integrity is vital for any writer or editor. I will not engage in writing, editing, or consulting any project where plagiarism or other academic dishonesty is taking place.

Transparency. I will be honest and transparent about my process with every client.

Promptness. I understand the value and importance of deadlines. I will work diligently to meet any established deadline.

Creativity. The creative process can be both inspiring and frustrating. I work to ensure the creative process you have engaged in is preserved. My goal is not to change the meaning of your work. Instead, I help you deliver your message in the most effective and powerful manner possible so your final product wows your audience!

Detail. As a writer, I work to deliver fresh and inspired copy. Every project I work on receives the same attention to detail.