Services Offered

Academic Editing and Coaching

When I coach a student, I work with them one on one to actively improve their writing. Communication takes place via phone call, email, or video conferencing as needed. Papers are critiqued using the review process in Microsoft Word. When coaching, I will comment extensively on the student’s work and walk them through the changes they will need to make. I have never coached a student who did not see a substantial increase in writing quality.

When I edit an academic project I do a full edit. This means I do not simply proofread the document. I check for accuracy in grammar, style, citations, and formatting in every document. I may also suggest structural changes to improve clarity and point out areas where the content needs strengthening. When editing, I make all changes directly in the document using the track changes feature of Microsoft Word. When the client receives his or her paper from me, all that is needed is a review of the changes. The client has the option of declining any changes they do not agree with, then all changes in the document can be accepted. This method eliminates the need for the tedious process of manually making changes one-by-one.

I also edit academic articles being submitted for publication.


Business Editing

I offer full-service editing services to business clients. No job is too big or small. Previous projects have included letters to clients, annual reports, website content, blog posts, magazine and journal articles, white page documents, client presentations, and more. I edit for charitable organizations, small businesses, larger corporations, and churches. Business editing projects are usually quoted on a per project or per contract basis.



My writing projects have included:

  • News Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Client Communications
  • Website Content
  • Blog and Social Media Posts
  • Ghostwriting
  • Magazine Articles

Please contact me about your writing project today. Business writing projects can be on a per project or contract basis. This means I can work with you specifically on redesigning your website content, or I can help you generate weekly blog posts and daily social media posts for a specific period of time. If you are a public speaker and want to turn your material into a book, I can help you do that! The same can also be done with a sermon series.



The prices listed below are ranges.  Please contact me to discuss the exact pricing for your project.

Academic Editing/Coaching  – $25-35 per hour

Business Editing – $30-50 per hour or per project quote

Writing – Quoted per project