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If you are ready to start your book, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and start booking speaking and podcast appearances, then I'm ready to help!

I'm a professional ghostwriter with 20+ years of experience helping my clients turn their thoughts and ideas into publishable work. When I partner with you as your ghostwriter, I use your thoughts, ideas, and voice to write your content.

I do this by getting to know you, reading what you have written in the past, listening to your speeches, and talking with you to gather content. Ghostwriting requires in-depth knowledge so your voice shines through. I work hard to make sure I make sure I have that knowledge.

I've worked with business leaders, non-profit directors, pastors, innovators, influencers, and visionaries.

I've partnered with them on books published by major publishers, blog posts, stories, web content, book proposals, and whatever else needed to be written in their voice.

You have a story to tell and knowledge to share, and my goal is to help you with that process.
Treasa took my ideas and data and turned them into blogs and articles that speak to my potential clients. I am impressed by her professionalism, dedication to giving her best to the project, and how she was able to get inside my head and sound like me.Randy M. - Business Owner
Thank you, Treasa, for turning my chaos into a presentation that wowed my audience! Treasa was able to take my disorganized mess and turn it into a structured, informative, and entertaining presentation. Would definitely recommend. Claire J. - Engineer
If you need blog posts written that you'd swear you wrote yourself, then hire this ghostwriter. Her ability to write in my voice is uncanny. My wife even thought I was lying about someone else writing them! Thank you for letting me shine through, Treasa!Jim R. - Entrepreneur

We've partnered with our clients:

Blog Writing

Build successful blogs with thousands of followers by developing comprehensive strategies, ghostwriting blog content, posting and managing blogs, and audience interaction.

Social Media

Increase social media interactions through ghostwritten content, comprehensive social media calendars, scheduling and social media management, and community engagement.

Create Influence

Educate, inform, and influence through ghostwritten newsletters, client communications, and website content, leading to increases in sales, profits, and audience growth.

Expert Status

Position themselves as THE EXPERT in their field by turning their ideas and experiences into convincing copy, articles, white papers, reports, and published books written in their voice.

When We Work Together

I PARTNER with you to help you meet your goals. I listen to your concerns, learn about your brand, look at previous material you have used and ask you what you would change about it and if it was effective, and THEN I start writing.

I ask questions about the product or idea, ask you what you want to accomplish with your work and make sure we are on the same page. My goal is always to help you effectively represent your brand (you or your business) to your customer.

If you are looking for a professional writer to partner with you and write captivating content that helps you build your brand and establish your expertise, connect with me!


In your industry, business, or profession, YOU are the expert.

I’m the expert in my field.  I am great at research. I excel at writing in the tone and voice of my clients. I may even have some experience or knowledge about your field or idea.

Ghostwriting is a joint process. I write, but I will need your input and guidance during the process. There may be smaller projects where I can take the overall idea and previous material and create just what you need. I’ve even had clients whose spouses swore they had to be the author!

On most projects I will need to have conversations with you or interview you. I will need your feedback on outlines, sources you need me to connect with, and introductions. My goal is to hand you a final product that wows you, and I will need your help to do that. Your participation will dramatically increase your return on investment.


Our relationship will be built on respect.

I will respect your time, your talents, your knowledge, and your life experiences. If you have specific needs, special requests, or time constraints, I will respect those as well and do my best to accommodate them.

I ask you to respect my experience, knowledge, feedback, process, and time. Our contract will outline means of contact, response times, and all of the nitty gritty details. Honoring the terms of that contract, and respecting our individual roles in this process, this PARTNERSHIP, will lead to  a positive, productive working relationship.


When I ghostwrite for you, we will set clear deadlines on each project, and both of us are accountable to those deadlines.

We will set up a schedule of regular check-ins via email, video call, or phone call. These may be short, five minute status updates or they might be longer calls where we hash out details and clarify what might be needed. Agendas will be set before the call to ensure the time is used efficiently. My desire is always to respect your valuable time.

We will build time into the writing process for external editing. While I am also a professional editor, I know not to edit what I write. It is impossible for a writer to adequately edit their own work. This will be carried out by a professional editor both of us agree on, and they will sign a non-disclosure agreement before they learn all of the details of the project.


My process for ghostwriting a book (this is an overview, not a complete list):

  • A discovery call with the potential client. We will discuss the project, the process, and look at the project budget.
  • If I feel the client is a good fit, and they are interested in working with me, I send a project proposal outlining the details, fees and payment schedule, and a tentative schedule for completion.
  • Once the client agrees to the proposal, I draft and send a contract for the project. We work together to finalize the contract, the client pays the deposit, and the project is added to my calendar.
  • Research begins on the project and initial meetings are set.
  • The book is outlined and existing materials are gathered.
  • Interviews take place, research is organized and compiled, and writing commences.
  • As the first draft of each chapter is completed, it is sent to the client for review. Work on the next chapter will not commence until feedback/revisions for the previous chapter is received.
  • Client changes are made and writing for the next chapter commences.
  • When the entire book is completed and final revisions are sent by the client, the manuscript is sent to an outside editor.
  • The final, clean manuscript is sent to the client.

This process can take anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on the background material available.

Fees depend on the project and the scope of the work.

Basic Ghostwriting

Starting at $0.50

a word
  • No research needed
  • Complete outline provided
  • Simple topic

Ghostwriting Retainer

Contact for Proposal

  • Blog Posts, Social Media Content, Newsletters, Articles
  • Writing in your voice
  • Creating consistent, powerful content
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