How to promote your new book.

How to Promote Your Book and Gain Fans

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You’ve done it! You’re holding your published book in hand. You (and possibly your ghostwriter) worked together, finished the book, and now you are ready to get it out to the world. But how do you promote your book?

What comes next?

Shout it from the rooftops!

Are you open to new opportunities? Learn how to promote your book.
Are you ready for new opportunities to promote your book?

Book buying is a relationship activity, and you need a means to develop relationships with readers and new fans of your work

Barb Drozdowich, The Author’s Guide to Working With Book Bloggers

If you don’t tell people about it, they simply won’t know it exists. And contrary to popular belief, just because your book is available on Amazon doesn’t mean it will show up in millions of Amazon searches.

Advertising is one way to promote your book. And if that is in your budget it’s definitely one way to go. But it’s not the only way.

Part of becoming an author these days also means becoming a marketing expert. Hiring a public relations firm is certainly one option, but for many authors – especially first-time authors – PR firms are not budget-friendly.

The key is to gain national recognition and get your name in front of as many people as possible, which requires writing pitches to those who have access to your ideal audience.

Hint: You really should start marketing your new book BEFORE it is released. Build excitement and anticipation with email campaigns to your existing list, social media campaigns, and an official book launch. These five steps are the marketing you do AFTER your book is released.

Book Tour

A book tour is a great way to get face-to-face with your audience and promote your book!

Scheduling a book tour requires footwork and research along with some travel expertise to be successful. You want to be strategic as you look at where to go and what opportunities are available there.

Target big box bookstores as well as independent bookstores in areas where your ideal readers are located. Bookstores are interested in how your book will bring people into their stores so include a synopsis of your book in your pitch.

Make sure you hand out social card inviting them to join you on social media, or offer a link to download a free gift from you. This is the ideal time to build your audience and your mailing list.

Don’t forget to look at how you can promote your tour on social media and ask if the stores you will be appearing at will promote it too. Prepare a media kit you can pass on to them that includes your bio, your headshot, prepared social images, and sample captions they can use.

Keep in mind: Schedule tours in big cities well in advance due to the high demand.

Television and Radio Interviews

Take time to reach out to local television and radio stations while you are planning your book tour. This is the perfect time to land interviews. You might have to dig a little deeper to find the best contact so you’re not wasting time. Start by researching which producers schedule interviews.

Next, decide which type of segment you’re best suited for and do your research on specific programs, hosts, and producers. Make yourself stand out by including relevant fun facts or ties to the local area in your pitch.

And don’t think any show is too big for you to land! Most shows are constantly looking for a new angle and new guest.

Blog Tours and Podcast Tours

What if your schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for travel? Be strategic. Travel to a few hub cities to promote and then move your promotion online.

Don’t discount blogs or podcasts as part of your promotional efforts. Millions of people read blogs and listen to podcasts. And their audiences are your potential audience!

A blog tour is simply a written interview that is then published on a blog. They usually include contact links to your website, so make sure your book landing page is ready to go before you book.

Podcasts number in the millions, and the audiences just keep on growing. Research the influencers in your industry and check out their numbers of readers and listeners.

Many blogs or podcasts have national reach so those are the ones to target with your pitch. But don’t overlook smaller podcasts or new podcasts within your genre. Podcasts are a great way to promote your book, grow your mailing list (offer a freebie!), and gain new fans.

Keep in mind: You will want to start pitching to podcasts early if you want the interviews to air during your book promo. Many podcasts record in advance.

Social Media Events

Let’s party!

You already have a following on social media, so don’t forget about inviting them to watch parties or other local live events.

  • Tell them about your new book.
  • Go live and read a chapter to build interest.
  • Create custom hashtags and ask your followers to share about your book and live events.
  • Create an online panel discussion with other authors or colleagues to discuss your book’s topic.

Being consistent and present on social media when your book launches is vital to building up your momentum. All of your fans want to know more about you, so don’t disappear!

Embrace Social media platforms and/or Advertising

Utilize as many social media platforms as possible. This will greatly increase your chances of gaining new fans. But it only works if your target audience already uses those platforms.

Take time to do some market research before learning another platform. If you’re happy with your current social media choices, focus on their advertising features.

Facebook, for example, offers ads. Knowing the difference and how best to use them to target your audience will find you many more fans. Note: This is one area it is worth hiring an expert for.

Get That Book Out There!

You did it. All of that hard work paid off and you’ve created the book you dreamed about. Now it’s time to share that dream with the world. Show them that you truly are the expert!

Planning any kind of national publicity is time consuming. I get it, I do. But think about how many people you’ll attract to your brand. That’s the whole purpose of your book!

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