How to Write a $500 Blog Post

In Ghostwriting by Treasa Edmond

I had a potential client, let’s call him Phil, come to me a few weeks ago about starting a blog to showcase his business expertise (I’m writing this with his permission). Phil knew he wanted to do a blog but wasn’t sure what he wanted his focus or tone to be, and he didn’t have an established “voice.” We scheduled a consultation call and hammered out the basic details, and after reviewing some of the material Phil sent me I wrote a short blurb that I felt reflected his voice and expertise. He loved it!

And then Phil still wasn’t sure what to do. Even though he now had a set brand voice, had an overview of the blogging process, a tentative posting schedule, and a list of topics, Phil was facing what many people face. Phil is an expert. He is hands down the best person to go to if you need help in his field. The problem Phil was facing is the same one many professionals face when they go to start a blog, or write a book, or set up a weekly newsletter.

Here’s the thing, you know the stuff. You are the expert and that expertise needs to be shared with others. What you may not be is a writer with a creative mind. As with any other business decision you are going to make, you have to decide if you get more value out of doing the task yourself or out of hiring an expert to blow the task out of the water.

So Phil asked me what I would charge to write four blog posts a month for him. When I told him it would be $500 a post his immediate response was silence. Then he did what all experts do and asked the very important question, “What do I get for $500 a post?”
I love when clients ask this question! It shows they understand they are now in my area of expertise. Phil wasn’t questioning my price, he was making sure his return on investment would be worth it for him.

Here is how I, as a ghostwriter and writing consultant, answer the question: “What do I get for $500 a post?”

1. You get increased visibility in your area of expertise.

2. You get a professionally written, clean blog post that requires little input or editing from you.

3. Your posts will be thoughtfully written in your voice, focusing on topics that are important to your audience.

4. You will increase your potential client base, build a relationship with your audience, and ultimately become the answer to a problem they weren’t even sure they had.

5. You will build a library of work establishing your expertise, a body of work you can eventually use to have a book written if you choose!

6. You get back the time you would have spent planning, writing, and executing your blog. Time better spent doing what you do best!

7. Most importantly, you get peace of mind and know a project that is important to you is being handled professionally and efficiently.

That is how you, the expert in your field, write a $500 blog post. You hire a professional ghostwriter who is the expert in their field. Thanks, Phil, for letting me share your story!

What would your ROI be if you had a regular blog post or newsletter? More customers? Increased audience interaction? Established expertise that leads to speaking engagements and book contracts?

Do you need a #ghostwriter to help you start a blog today? Contact me and set up a free consultation call to hear how I can help you grow your business, connect with your audience, and build your reputation as “the” expert your audience needs.