What Can A Ghostwriter Do For Me?

In Ghostwriting by Treasa Edmond

Ghostwriting is a unique profession. I’ve always said that when I’m ghostwriting I get to step into my client’s shoes. I listen to their heart and mind and share their message in a way that reaches out to their audience. Ghostwriting is not just about a writer creating content; it is about letting the client’s voice shine through.

Here is the bottom line, your audience wants to hear from you, not some faceless copywriter who churns out thousands of words a week. Staying true to your brand voice builds a relationship with your audience, adds credibility to your story, and establishes you as an expert. Ghostwriters don’t just create content. They do it in your voice, using your knowledge and expertise. When you publish a blog, newsletter, or book written by a ghostwriter, your audience is hearing from you.

So why should you hire a ghostwriter to help you with your content creation?

A Ghostwriter:

Gives You Back Your Time

Time is valuable, and if you are like most of my clients, there is never enough time to get it all done. My clients are CEOs, Senior Pastors, Solo Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Influencers who need to reach their audience and build trust and credibility. But they also need to run their business, prepare their sermons and messages, manage their staff, make payroll, and be seen at appropriate events. Add family time, downtime, self-care, and a couple of hours of sleep in there and … well, you get the point.

Writing with excellence takes time. Even mediocre writing can take hours for a single article. Ghostwriters are professionals. Writing is what they do, and most can do it faster and with an eye toward meeting your end goal, and that means you get to use your time to advance your brand or take your kid to the beach.

When first discussing how I can assist potential clients, I ask them what I can do to help them reach their goals. Even those who enjoy writing tell me that writing has become a chore that eats their time. I always picture the scene in Princess Bride, where Westley’s life is being sucked out by Count Rugen’s torture machine. It doesn’t have to be that way.

A ghostwriter can work with you and take on those weekly tasks—emails, newsletters, social media content, and blog posts—that eat away at hours of your valuable time. They can also take larger projects off of your plate—white papers, articles, and books that take weeks or months to complete.

Helps You Establish Yourself as an Expert

Your audience/clients depend on your expertise. One of the most effective ways to bring new recognition to your brand is to show prospective clients that you are the expert they are looking for. They want to see who you are and what you know!

If you wanted to learn to play golf and you were given two options for instructors, Tiger Woods and John Smith from the next town over, who would you choose? You know about Tiger. He has been established as an expert. John may know his stuff, and he may be excellent at teaching new players, but he lacks the same level of perceived expertise.

A ghostwriter can help you be seen as an expert in your field. They do this through well-written, knowledgable content. They can help you:

  • Get published in trade journals
  • Increase your views on social media by creating content showing your expertise
  • Craft emails and blog posts with tips and guidance your audience needs
  • Write white papers that educate your consumer
  • Generate case studies that show how you are fulfilling the promises you make your audience
  • Perhaps most powerfully, they can take your knowledge and use it to craft a book written in your voice—the ultimate expertise indicator.

Allows You to Reach Your Goals

You need to reach your audience. You want to establish your brand. You need to share your message. You want to be the first name potential clients think of when they are looking for an expert.

These are goals most leaders, influencers, and business professionals have. You can do all of this through the creation of content that builds a relationship with your audience. If you have the time and skills to create it, of course.

Or you can do what you would do if you need legal representation, professionally prepared food, or tax advice. You hire a professional. A ghostwriter can work alongside you to help you meet all of those goals and more.

Strengthens Your Brand and Increases Credibility and Awareness

Have you heard of a brand called Apple? Do you know how Apple started, who the founders were, and what they want to accomplish? How about Nike, Bombas, Xbox, McDonald’s, Kellogg, or Disney. All of these brands excel at telling a story and selling an experience. All of them have credibility and brand awareness.

You can do the same for your brand, and you can do it without millions of dollars in advertising (unless of course that is part of your strategy). Professional ghostwriters know how to write in a way that connects with the audience. They create a story the audience can immerse themselves in to the point that it becomes their story too.

Are you a coach? A ghostwriter can help you write a blog or newsletter that shows how your guidance has helped others solve the problems they are facing. Maybe you are a human resources professional getting ready to start a consulting agency. A ghostwriter can help you establish credibility through blog posts, a well-written website, and a book detailing the most efficient way to guarantee employee loyalty. Are you a pastor with a message that needs to be shared with people outside of your immediate sphere? A ghostwriter can help you write articles, craft proposals for podcast interviews, and turn your last sermon series into a devotional. Well-written content brings credibility, and an increased presence that builds brand awareness.

Lets You Focus on Your Skills

You are talented. You work hard. You possess a unique skill set that allows you to do what you do. You have contacts and channels you can use to build your platform. But you can’t do it all. A great leader surrounds him or herself with experts and then lets those experts do what they do best.

A ghostwriter is a writing expert. Words are what I do. I write them, edit them, craft them, and repurpose them. I work with words because they are my passion. I have studied how best to use them and the psychology behind them. I know what words to use to achieve specific results. That is what ghostwriters do. Hiring a ghostwriter is done for the same reason you might hire a CFO, a graphic designer, or an event planner. You have a specialized job that needs to be done, and you want to hire the most qualified person to do it. When you let a ghostwriter focus on what they do best, then you can focus on what you do best.

Are you thinking about hiring a ghostwriter? Contact me today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call. I’d love the opportunity to help you reach your goals today!